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Same-day dental emergency is any condition that causes severe pain and requires immediate dental care. Many patients experience dental emergencies because of a cracked or broken tooth, a lost filling or crown, an infection, or other problems. Any injury to the teeth and surrounding tissues should be treated as an emergency to preserve the health of the teeth and gums and prevent further infection. It is best to visit Thakkar Dental to get treatment for dental emergencies as soon as possible.

Common Types of Dental Emergency

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you’ve suffered a sports injury or fallen and hit your face, you could lose one or more permanent adult teeth. Our dentist will try to re-implant the knocked-out tooth in the socket. However, if the tooth is damaged or cannot be successfully re-implanted, he may recommend replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Broken Jaw

You should see a dentist immediately if you suffer from a broken jaw. In some cases, patients can recover from a fractured jaw without surgery, but for others, surgery may be required to repair the damage and restore the jaw’s natural movement.

Severe Toothache

If your toothache suddenly becomes severe, it likely means you have an infection in one of your teeth or gums. If left untreated, this could lead to further complications, so it’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible. A root canal may be needed to remove the infection and repair the tooth.

Benefits of Same-Day Emergencies

Stops the Spread of Infection

When patients experience an unexpected oral injury such as a tooth fracture or knocked-out tooth, they should visit their dentist immediately for treatment. Leaving the damaged area untreated can result in more extensive complications and infections of the surrounding teeth and gums. This can lead to the need for further treatment later. By seeking care as soon as possible, you can limit the spread of bacteria and avoid more complicated procedures in the future.

Preserves Your Natural Smile

Dental emergencies often happen unexpectedly, leading to permanent damage if not treated immediately. When you seek treatment right away, you can preserve as much of your smile as possible and avoid the need for extensive restorative dental treatments.

Immediate Treatment

When a tooth gets knocked out, there’s usually bleeding and swelling at the site of the trauma. Even if you manage to put it back in, there could be complications with nerves or bone structure that require immediate attention. This is why seeing a trained dental professional as soon as possible is always best. Delaying can lead to severe infections or other issues that can be painful and require costly treatments.

At Thakkar Dental, we believe that a healthy smile is a cornerstone of overall well-being. We’re here to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.

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